ElbeCamp ElbeCamp

Opening hours

Opening hours of the reception
From 08:00 to 20:00
Check-in from 13:00
Check-out until 12:00 (Tents)
Caravans and Mobile Homes have to check-out and leave the site until 11:00

Opening hours Café Lüküs until 18 October 2020:
8:00 to 21:00
Sun-Thu: 12:00 to 20:00
Fri-Sat: 12:00 to 21:00

Important Notes

  • Off-Season 2020/21

    We are closed for the months of winter from Oktober 31st until April 1st. Individual requests for the upcoming season we gladly accept via our website https://elbecamp.de/en/reservation. For group requests (from 5 adults / 4 youngsters and up), please go to https://elbecamp.de/en/meeting-at-the-elbecamp. We

  • Spam Filter blocks answers from us

    Please check reguarly your own Spam-Folder for our answers to your reservation request. Most email providers are blocking info@-adresses.

  • No cars are allowed to be parked in the access road of the campsite!

    An urgent request to all guests who come by car: Parking is not allowed on the left and right of the road to the Elbecamp (Falkensteiner Ufer)! Emergency access roads must be kept free.

  • Pitches are fully booked

    We are almost fully booked every day. Therefore we urgently ask you to make a reservation request on our website and to wait for an answer from us before your visit. Please do not come without a reservation confirmed by

  • Navigation devices show the wrong way!

    If you are traveling with a motor vehicle, check that the route is calculated via “Wittenbergener Weg”. If not: Please enter the “Wittenbergener Weg” as an intermediate destination!


  • Termine für den Mitmachzirkus

    Der Circus Abrax Kadabrax bietet während der Hamburger Sommerferien Sonntagnachmittags zwischen 14 Uhr und 17 Uhr einen offenen Mitmachzirkus für Kinder an. Das Angebot startet 2020 am 5.7. Weitere Termine sind der 12.7., 19.7., 26.7. und am Samstag den 1.8.